Student Leadership Programme

The objective of the programme is honing the skills and to align young individuals for being enterprising, inclusive and lifelong learners.

The programme is a capsule of 6 modules that are broadly categorised into three main goals - Personal growth Lab, Designing the Future, and Social enterprising.

Personal growth Lab -
Primarily is a journey to discover one's calibre and acumen towards learning and development.
The key skills derived through this learning are - Critical Thinking, Emotion Management, and Interpersonal Equations.

Designing the Future -
a capsule to internalise abilities and hone interest to help define one's professional goal.
The major skill sets that will be acquired are - Systematic sequencing ability, Art of Presentation, and Art of Delivery.

Social Enterprising -
will help us be the contributors along our personal journey and to the society at large. learn the art of synchronise social outlook in our professional space to be able and inclusive citizens. The key skill that will be introduced is building Cultural Intelligence -a concept that allows one to build on to their 'Core' thereby growing on to the 'Flex'. This newly researched concept has been actively discussed around social and corporate stakeholders in order to bridge the gap between man, environment, and machine world.